We were formed to in 2013 with three aims

1. To support migrants in Walthamstow (through our Migrants’ Support Centre);

2. To promote integration between migrants and non-migrants;

3. To challenge negativity about migrants in political and media discourse.

Walthamstow Migrants’ Action Group speaks to the best instincts of our local community- helping to guide and support those who are in need of assistance where ever they come from as fellow residents of our area to ensure that all are treated with dignity and goodwill. I am proud that Walthamstow continues to mean welcome in both word and practice in this way.

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow

The trustees of Walthamstow Migrants’ Action Group are

Chair Dr Shuakat Khan
Vice Chair Steven Saxby
Treasurer Alison Caldew
Secretary Helen Taylor

Until 2017
Steven Saxby
Ulrike Schmidt

Until 2018
Florence Cayboen
Rod Holmes
Silvia Constantino
Tommy Anderson

Until 2019
Helen Taylor
Chloë Thomson
Sarah Walker
Douglas Saltmarshe